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HTML5 Vs XHTML 1.0: Who is Winning the Race?

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  1. Ochado says:

    The “HTML5 and XHTML 1.0 Head To Head” section is a very poor comparison. Just because HTML5 has many advanced features doesn’t mean that a web developer has to use all of them. Just as a developer can use only XHTML Basic instead of the full XHTML, they can also code with only older HTML elements instead of using new HTML5 elements. Thus:
    * Ease of Use – HTML5 is definitely easier than the strict and picky XHTML
    * Basic Website – Any basic website coded in XHTML can be coded even more simply in HTML5
    * Web 2.0 – On this point, the article is correct. HTML5 is clearly superior to XHTML here.
    * Device Support – Incorrect: XHTML Basic, a subset of the full XHTML standard, was defined precisely to gain widespread device support. Of course, it is far less functional than HTML5, but I believe it enjoys equally widespread device support.
    * Browser Support – Same point as the previous.

    In short, I disagree with the article’s analysis on every point except that HTML5 does indeed support Web 2.0 much better than XHTML.

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