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Five Web Design Mistakes That Will Pull Your Traffic Down

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  1. Emma Jones says:

    All points are important to consider while designing a website. Cant ignore any point at any level of web designing. What about responsive web design.. as 2013 would be the year smart phone or browsing over smartphones.

    Emma Jones

  2. Michael says:

    Part of me disagrees with not using a template. I have used templates for a number of websites over the years and several have ranked on page 1 for pretty powerful keywords. Templates are a great starting point, but they should be customized so they don’t look the same.

  3. Ron Davis says:

    I agree with Emma Jones, I think you forgot responsive web design since, it is one of the most important factors in SEO. Well, you still provided a good information..

  4. Ronald says:

    Thanks for posting this useful information about web design mistakes that may negatively impact the traffic to a website. Many newly established companies will find your post useful in improving website traffic and avoiding such mistakes while designing their websites.

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