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5 signs to warn you that your design isn’t good enough

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  1. zaipamn says:

    Informative post. to reckon with. Do not use it. It is not organized.

  2. Sarah Adams says:

    Hi Alyssa,

    Being a web design myself, I know the importance of a good design. Although a good design can have a massive effect on whether or not the website will work for the client, I couldn’t agree more than the last three points that have been made. Without these, no matter how good a design is, these can make or break a website. Browser compatibility is a hugh issue nowadays, as many other people are using different browsers, some as old an internet explorer 6. I work to standards to ensure that every website works in every browser to cover every potential viewer. Overall I agree with this post and that there are a number of factors to ensure a good web design.

  3. niewaznejak says:

    I found something I was looking for a long time, thank you!

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